Hezbollah media denounces New Year’s gunfire that wounded girl

Hezbollah’s Al-Manar television Friday denounced the heavy celebratory gunfire in Beirut’s southern suburbs marking the new year which left a young girl badly wounded.

“Infidels. This is the behavior of infidels,” one man told the station in a report broadcast during the evening. Others described the scenes of the gunfire as “unethical” and as going against the area’s religious and social values.

Hezbollah, which draws strong support from the southern suburbs, has repeatedly asked residents of the area not to engage in celebratory gunfire over safety reasons, but the pleas mostly fall on deaf ear.

Hezbollah did not issue a statement over the gunfire, but its media channels typically only carry reports that are in line with the party’s positions.

Friday’s report showed a girl in a hospital bed with her head wrapped in a bandage after apparently being struck by a bullet from Thursday night’s gunfire.

Each new year residents of the southern suburbs fire thousands of rounds into the air to mark the occasion.

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