Moammar Gadhafi’s widow calls on Lebanon to release Hannibal Gadhafi

al-Saadi Gadhafi, center, and Hannibal Gadhafi, right, sons of Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi

The widow of deposed Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi appealed to Speaker Nabih Berri and Hezbollah chief Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah to hasten the release of her son, who was kidnapped and detained back in December.

Al-Jadeed television quoted Safia Farkash as calling on the Lebanese people and particularly Berri and Nasrallah to pressure the judiciary in releasing Hannibal Gadhafi, claiming that he “has been detained without any charges being pressed against him.”

Gadhafi, however, was arrested in December on the charge of hiding information on the 1978 disappearance of Imam Musa Sadr and two other Lebanese during a visit to Libya.

The 40-year old son of the deposed leader was abducted by an armed group in Damascus late last year and transported to Lebanon before being handed over to police.

Former lawmaker Hasan Yaacoub and three of his body guards have been charged with abducting Gadhafi, physically torturing him, and failing to inform the appropriate authorities of his capture.

The state-run National News Agency reported Tuesday that Yaacoub’s mother, Imtithal, has begun another hunger strike along with other members of her family, in protest of her son’s detention.

Yaacoub’s mother also warned of “escalating measures” if her son was not released soon.

She first went on hunger strike last month for six days before being hospitalized after becoming weak. She resumed the strike after being discharged, but ended it several days later following an appeal by the Higher Islamic Shiite Council.

Yaacoub’s father Sheikh Mohammad Yaacoub and journalist Abbas Badreddine were accompanying Sadr, an influential Shiite imam, when the three disappeared during an official visit to Libya in 1978.

Moammar Gadhafi was widely blamed for the trio’s disappearance.

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