Lebanon arrests 20 over prostitution ring used Badoo to facilitate its work

طالبوا مع أبعاد بـ #المؤبد_إلو_الحياة_إلها

Twenty people arrested on Saturday have been charged with prostitution, said the Internal Security Forces on Sunday.

In a statement, the ISF said it busted a sex ring in the Sad al-Bouchrieh town north of Beirut, arresting 14 people from several nationalities.

It also arrested six Kenyan girls suspected of prostitution in Burj Hammoud, also located north of the capital.

The ISF said that it made the arrests in Sad al-Bouchrieh after it received information that the sex ring used the social media site “Badoo” to facilitate its work.

After receiving information over the whereabouts of the sex workers, the police’s anti-vice unit raided the Boutros Boulos hospital building.

The ring was made up of Kenyan, Syrian, Ethiopian and Cameroonian nationalities, with the youngest girl being 25-years-old.

The 20 suspects were referred to a judiciary for further investigation.

Prostitution is illegal in Lebanon, but as in many countries across the world, it is common, and there is a growing debate over whether to legalize the trade so it can be regulated – as was the case in Lebanon before the Civil War – or try to abolish it completely.

At the moment, those caught selling themselves as prostitutes can be fined and face 15 days in prison.

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