‘Very Big Shot’ soon in cinemas

Lebanese cinemas and movie enthusiasts are preparing for the launching of “Very Big Shot” (Film Ktir Kbir), the movie by Director Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya.

“Very unpredictable, though totally enjoyable, all of the way through to the satisfying finale,” the movie is deemed to be.
Bou Chaaya not only brings a very well-directed, compelling crime drama to screens, but also manages to lace the script with tons of humor and a story which we’re not quite sure which way it is likely to turn next. While the film is indeed humorous and light in places, in others it’s really quite violent and uncompromising, painting a very realistic portrait of a life of crime in modern-day Beirut.” – The Hollywood News

“A mashup of genres, the tone swinging wildly from suspenseful crime thriller to out-and-out comedy via sharp social satire and all the way back around.”-Buzzfeed

“Beginning as a hard-boiled crime drama, the movie gradually reveals a more satirical intent… Very Big Shot eventually broadens its satirical aims to encompass violence and politics in Lebanon.” – Variety
“The soundtrack is a pleasingly richmixtape of local pop and folk sounds” – The Hollywood Reporter
“Argo meets Reservoir dogs, but with a political heft one doesn’t usually film in Hollywood. World cinema fans rejoice…Very Big Shot is both explosive and funny, coarse and polished, and rough and witty.” -Cinemablographer
“Smartly made, winningly entertaining and confident debut feature that is by turns engaging, tense and pretty damned funny”. Cine Outsider

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